Reasons Why Silicone Is The Perfect Material For Facial Cleansing

Cleansing is the most crucial step of any skincare routine, but facial cleansing methods are evolving with each passing day as new skincare products and technology enter the market. The KiwiBrush is one of these game-changing products. Made with FDA approved silicone, it is extremely durable, soft to touch, bacteria resistant and 100% waterproof.

Reasons Why Silicone Is The Perfect Material For Facial Cleansing

Here are a few reasons why you should consider including a silicone brush in your skincare routine:

  • It is ultra-hygienic: Unlike bristles of other brushes made of nylon, silicone ones are non-porous, due to which they do not promote any buildup of bacteria on the surface. As a result, silicone comes up as the most hygienic material to make skin cleaning brushes.
  • It is gentle to the touch: The main reason why innovators of KiwiBrush prefer silicone for their skincare tools is its gentle nature on the skin. Suitable even for people with the most sensitive skin types, silicone brushes are perfect for deep yet gentle exfoliation. Sonic pulsations of this KiwiBrush is effective in removing most of the oil and dirt from your skin.
  • It leaves a smooth finish: Since silicone is taken from silica, it feels luxurious on the skin. When applied on skin, it automatically receives a soft and smooth finish. It is effective in filing crevices and cracks on the skin, due to which it looks and feels smoother than ever. It is also known to prevent loss of moisture and heal damaged skin.
  • It helps the skin stay moisturized: By boosting your skin’s hydration level, silicone increases its ability to gain benefit from ingredients in other skin care products as well. As a result, your skin gets a matte look and any pores, fine lines or wrinkles get blurred over time. Due to this, you become younger and younger with each passing day.

Benefits of Using Silicone Skin Cleaning Brushes

  • It is water resistant: Even if the brush has an electronic motor inside, the silicone material keeps it safe from water. Due to this, you can even use a silicone brush in your shower or bath tub. When you clean and massage your skin with this brush every morning, your face remains clean and glowing forever.
  • It is extremely durable: Despite the fact that they are so soft and delicate to touch, silicone brushes are durable and long-lasting. Silicone does not crack easily, due to which your silicone brush can keep serving you for years to come.
  • It offers deep and thorough cleansing: Instead of cleaning only the top layer of the skin, electric silicone brushes, like the KiwiBrush, go deeper and cleanse the skin pores deeply. By removing excess oils and sebum, they help in removing all types of impurities from your skin.
  • It exfoliates gently: Face cleaning brush made of silicone is not only a cleanser, but an exfoliator too. When silicone ridges work together with electric pulsations, they gently remove dead cells and improve skin texture.
  • It is easy to use: Silicone face cleansing brushes, like KiwiBrush, pulsate gently, and you can even change the mode and speed with just a push of a button. In order to prevent over-exfoliation, it also has a 90 second timer. Even if you have sensitive skin, it will not get inflamed because of its powerful yet gentle vibrations.
  • It makes other skincare products more effective: When you clean and exfoliate your skin using a silicone cleaning and massaging brush, the other creams, oils, serums and beauty products you might be using are able to penetrate deeper and deliver better results.

When you ask why silicone is great for skin and cleaning, the KiwiBrush speaks for itself. No doubt, silicone is able to offer the most effective skin cleaning and massaging benefits than all other skincare tools available out there

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